Deposition Summaries at $25/hour

This report identifies important medical points in the deposition by page and line. “Page-Line” summaries are typically formatted to include columns for

i) Page-line ii) Exhibit iii) Summary of the testimony

We Deliver:

  • Deposition Summary – Word/PDF
 Deposition Summary

Do you need to quickly and accurately digest lengthy deposition transcripts?

Outsource your deposition transcripts to MedSum Legal LLC. We provide you with concise and accurate summarization of transcripts that are made easier to understand by focusing on critical liability, damages, key issues and key facts. We capture and highlight all important information, including names, dates, locations, witnesses, exhibits, and any other vital information in the deposition testimony. Our cost-effective and efficient deposition summary service helps you to free up your valuable hours and days in preparation of your case.

Our team of experienced professionals draft page-line deposition summaries out of deposition transcript in its original order with relevant page-line references without missing any information or facts. We also prepare topic-by-topic deposition summaries by arranging the testimony into specific topics of your choice that are most relevant to a case. Our experts have the ability to handle voluminous deposition transcripts including parties, persons most knowledgeable, persons most qualified, witnesses, experts, etc. We can adapt to any of your requirements and deliver high quality and reliable deposition summaries in any format you prefer.