Medical Expenses & Billing Summary

Billing summary/ expenses sheets summarize all the bills for a particular patient.

Our expense sheets summarize all the bills that are given to us for a particular patient, containing:

  • The details of the bill/visit
  • The amount spent
  • A mention if it is concerning the case or not(if required)
  • Total Sum
  • Exhibit of the bills

We Deliver:

  • Medical Expenses/Billing Summary – Word/Excel

Medical bills included in chronology

Medical summaries prepared by our doctors include the bills or expenses for each of the treatments rendered for injuries to the patient. This will help to identify total expenses incurred by the injured person for every health care provider.

Medical Expenses & Billing Summary

i) Sorted by date

Medical bills are sorted in chronological order and expenses are recorded in a separate spread sheet which includes the details like date of treatment, types of treatment rendered and expenses incurred. Expenses that are related and not related to the injury are identified and captured in the sheet.

ii) Sorted by provider

Medical bills/expenses are sorted based on health care providers. This report extracts the patient’s expenses for all the services rendered to them by every health care provider. This serves as a reliable document for attorneys to identify individual and total expenses incurred by the patient due to injury.