I printed out the two that were delivered yesterday for my bosses review and he was very pleased with them. We will send you a few more as test runs that are more voluminous to see what the turn around time is but he was overall very happy.

CA Based Injury Law Firm

Based on  my preliminary review, it looks to be quite thorough and well-constructed.  Thank you very much for your help in this and I will certainly not hesitate to utilize your services again in the future as needed.

TX Based MedMal Law Firm

We are very pleased! Thank you! If there is a way to put the Date of Loss on the upper right hand corner rather than the birth date that would be helpful. Our office will continue to use your services.

CA Based PI Law Fim

This medical chronology looks great! Thank you for sending it so quickly.

WI Based PI Law Firm

The materials provided for this case were excellent and confirmed our own analysis (which took a couple of months).  We do plan to use your services again, but likely won’t submit to you until March or April as we are just now requesting medical records.

NY Based PI MedMal Law Firm

I was very happy with the work product for XXXX which is why we decided to utilize your services a second time. The narrative is well written for Ms. XXX

MO Based PI Law Fim

Good job on the project, we will be sending future jobs to you in the future.

NM Based PI Law Firm

I wanted you to know I am going through the PDF records and timeline and I am very very pleased with your work.

OK Based PI Law Firm

I have not run into any issues and know that several of our attorneys like using MedSum Legal LLC.

WI Based PI Law Firm
The product delivered for the XXXX case has more than met my expectations.  It is extremely helpful.  We do not currently have a new case to review, but I’m sure there will be some in the future.
GA Based MedMal Law Firm

I was happy with the quick turn-around time and I was very happy with the medical summary portion. That was a very in-depth write up for the client’s treatment, so thank you for that!

CA Based MedMal Law Firm

Yes, everything was wonderful. As soon as I obtain more cases, I will send them your way.

TX Based PI Law Firm