Medical Chronology/Summary/Timeline at $25/hour

A Medical Chronology is a record of medical events in the order of their occurrence. This involves reading through hundreds of pages of medical records to identify, locate, review and interpret relevant information from the medical records. We summarize, highlight legally and medically noteworthy points that are pivotal instruments at various stages of the case discovery process. The finished product is a thorough text-based medical record summary that is presented chronologically – making it easy to understand a sequence of events as effectively and quickly as possible.

  • Organize, categorize the medical records in chronological order and exclude the duplicative records.
  • Highlight the Significant point of medical evidence.
  • Provide the details of treatment performed date, procedure and/or treatment performed along with treatment outcomes in a concise format.
  • Identify the significant missing medical records & providers
  • Add/Include the additional records to the existing medical chronologies and also with the special reports prepared.

We Deliver:

  • Injury report outlining the significant medical events/injuries is provided which will give a general picture of the case.
  • It contains Prior injury details, Description of injury, Treatments rendered and Condition of the patient as per the last available records.
  • Mostly included in the Personal injury chronologies.
  • For ease of reference and to know the glimpse of the case, we will provide a brief summary including the significant case details.
  • Mostly included in the Medical malpractice chronologies.
  • Pre-existing history of the patient has been included in the patient history section.
  • It contains Past medical history, Surgical history, Family history, Social history & Allergies.
  • Medical records will be arranged in chronological order.
  • Remove the duplicative medical records.
  • Provide as a single PDF.


  1. Chronologically sorted records
  2. Provider wise sorted records