Nursing Home Abuse

MedSum Legal has handled more than 1000 Nursing home cases involving Pressure Ulcers, Falls, Aspirations, etc.

Pressure Ulcer/Bed Sore – Case Focus Areas:

  • Risk Assessment for pressure ulcer formation (Braden Score)
  • Precautions to prevent development of pressure ulcer (two hourly change of patient position, pressure reducing mattresses)
  • Management of predisposing factor like urinary Incontinence
  • Maintaining optimal nutrition (preventing hypoproteinemia which can lead to delayed wound healing)
  • Labs – Monitoring protein levels and WBC counts for infection
  • Assessment and staging of ulcers to monitor wound progression
  • Wound Care and Management
  • Nursing Care
  • Identifying deviations in the Standard Of Care (SOC) which led to the development of pressure ulcer