Settlement Demand Letter at $25/hour

  • Our MD’s are drafting settlement demand letter along with Billing Summary & Exhibits.
  • Demand settlement letters clearly highlight all the accident events with an aim to garner greater compensation
  • Gives a perfect summary of facts describing the incidence
  • In-depth description of all the injuries sustained, procedures and associated bills and expenses
  • Statement of loss of income and other associated expenses
  • Clear description on the impaired quality of life were appropriate
  • Clear settlement on injury settlement demand amount
 Settlement Demand Letter

Types of Demand Letters:

  1. Normal Settlement Demand Letter
  2. Under-insured Settlement Demand
  3. Stowers Settlement Demand

We Deliver:

A settlement demand letter is a draft of complete settlement which is addressed to the defendant regarding the damages and injuries that the claimant had suffered as a result of the automobile crash or the fall injuries.

We include the property damage in the demand letter as available in the Client instructions and records provided by the vehicle insurance companies.

ICD 10 codes (International classification of diseases) are more specified for billing purposes. They are used to more specified to indicate an injury. For example,

• M25.511 stands for pain in right shoulder

• M25.512 stands for pain in left shoulder

These are the list of injuries as a total. ICD codes will be included in the list to specify the injuries. For ease of reference, they are displayed in an order (either from Head to Toe or in the order of severity)

We include the treatment of injuries right from the date of collision, which include the treatment provided by the emergency medical services, emergency room services, Office Visits, Chiropractic visits, Physical therapy, massage therapy, and other diagnostic services including MRI /CT/EKG/X-ray, and diagnostic ultrasound studies, etc.

  • This is total medical expenses that is extracted from the available billing records as a result of injuries.
  • It will be given as separate excel document.

This includes the past loss of income (like wages, income loss) and estimated loss of income as mentioned in the medical records.

  • As a result of injuries, the claimant may require to undergo various diagnostic procedures like additional X-rays, MRIs, and CTs, EMG/NCVs and operative procedures like spinal surgery, total knee replacement, revision surgeries as a result of collision.
  • We include mainly the recommendations and the costs that are estimated by the Physicians, Chiropractors, and Surgeons in the demand letter.
  • As a result of collision, the claimant may not be able to return to his normal life style due to the continued pain symptoms and acquired deformities.
  • We summarise the life style impact based on their employment and also include the duress and loss of enjoyment in their life as a result of damages.

This includes the total of past and future medical expenses, future loss of income, and impact of collision

  • Exhibits are a sequence of the occurrences in a chronological order right after the automobile collision, extracted from the merged medical and billing records provided.
  • Medical records will be arranged in such a way one could easily make use of them for future reference.