Medical Narrative Summary at $25/hour

  1. Medical Records are organized, bate stamped and reviewed by MD’s for $25 per hour
  2. A flowing record summary is presented chronologically – making it easy to review and digest a sequence of events quickly and effortlessly
  3. Ideal for Demand and Deposition preparation

We Deliver:

 Medical Narrative Summary

Narrative summary is a brief flow of events/concise summary of the significant events in the patient’s medical history from the available medical records that help to understand the case details in a short format and also help in preparing deposition or preparing a case for trial purpose.

The details from the case related prior records would be captured if needed to substantiate the status of the patient post injury or to note the aggravation impact of the pre-existing condition.

  • Dates and events in Chronological order
  • Facility name and Provider name will be taken in each visit, study, and others
  • Information will be captured in a easily readable narrative format
  • SOAP format (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan)
  • Repeated information will be identified and excluded
  • Word output will be low as the information will be concised in a simple way, however it does not miss any pertinent details
  • Summary will be presented in past tense